Newsgroups are so ‘Yesterday’, Forums are the future!

Over the course of the second half of 2010 Microsoft are migrating from newsgroup technology over to forums.  The full story can be found here –  How does this effect Project?  Well for 2010 public beta we started some new forums, and as we hit the virtual launch next week these will become the version agnostic place for all your Project questions and comments.  The idea is to centralize so that you know where to go to find information, and we know where we need to go to supply answers.  Of course, you can still come here too…

For instance the following Microsoft Project English Newsgroups will map to the following Forums (please note the forum titles will be updated to be version agnostic).

Project Newsgroup Project Forum

We also have a forum in Microsoft Answers at which we share with Access, InfoPath and Visio.  It doesn’t get too much Project traffic compared to the Newsgroups and hopefully the replacement forums, so I’d consider using the more specific forums for your Project questions.

I must also take this blog to thank all our MVPs, Product Group folks and even some Marketing types for all the great answers provided on the forums and newsgroups over the years – Thanks!

There will still no doubt be those tricky or urgent incidents that are better handled via our other support channels – but always worth a search of the forums and blogs to see if you have hit something that someone else has already solved.