Project Server 2007: Analysis Services issues when using Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint

My friend Carl posted this as a comment to one of the longer threads on Analysis Services and Project Server with the ActiveX Component Can’t Create Object. error  – but thought it worthy of top billing and a fresh post, as I know others have struggled with this one.  Your mileage may vary and I know there are plenty of permutations of versions that might still catch you out – but over to Carl;

So we resolved our particular issue of installing EPM & configuring CBS into an existing MOSS 2007 / SQL2008 / RS2008 environment where the SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies (correction) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies is installed….

Installed SQL 2005 components from December 2008 feature pack on app server

  • Native client
  • Backwards compatibility

* note: Management Objects not installed due to SQL 2008 reporting services add-in for SharePoint wouldn’t let it (Higher version already installed)

Then we installed these bits on app server to get things working

  • SQL 2008 native client (needed as we got the issue “Cannot connect to Repository” when we only had the 2005 native client installed)
  • XMO 2005 cu5 – to get around the previous issue noted re RS Add-in (BriSmith – I think this is the link –, but Carl can correct me)

… we went around the houses a few times to get to this end point.  Hope it helps someone else 🙂

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