Project Server 2010: Blog Round-Up – New TechCenter, some PowerShell stuff and very cool Solution Starters and more!

Just in case some of you have missed these great postings, I thought I’d put out a round up of recent posts that caught my attention:

The refurbished Project 2010 TechCenter on TechNet from Jan –

The CU Webcast Series (sorry to be missing the first one Sad smile

Some very cool PowerShell stuff from Christophe on Secure Store configuration –

Great resources list for Workflow and Demand Management –

Excellent sample from Jim Corbin on using departments in code, and the WCF FaultException –

Brian Kennemer’s Nerd Candy on the new Dynamic Workflow Solution Starter –

And last and certainly not least Jan’s announcement on the Solution Starters that got Brian so excited! – and this last one deserves a little more air time, so here is a list of what we have released:

      • Demand Management Export & Import Tool – Example of how a partner can export and package EPTs and all other associated entities (Stages, Phases, PDPs, CFs, …) so that customers can import as a single SharePoint feature.
      • Bulk Edit Tool – Tool to edit project custom fields simultaneously.
      • Bulk Import Tool (a.k.a. SharePoint To Project Importer) – Tool to import projects from a SharePoint List.
      • Dynamic Workflow – Dynamically create a linear workflow based on stages.
      • EPT Association Tool – A tool that creates an intuitive unified hierarchical view that allows a user to easily create and maintain EPTs, by seeing all of the individual stages, PDPS, and custom fields all in the same place.
      • InfoPath Form Viewer Web Part – View and Edit an InfoPath Form in a PDP. This is most commonly used to allow users to fill out a survey.
      • Project Workspace List Viewer Excel Project Cost Capture – A web part that allows users to view and edit list from the Project Workspace.
      • Workflow Visualization Web Part – A web part that visually represents the workflow and allows users to track where they are in the workflow.
      • Report Builder Tool – Tool to create an excel report with the SQL connection already configured.
      • Workspace Project Custom Field Web Part – Web part to display Project Custom Fields on the Workspace.
      • Excel Project Cost Capture – Example of using Excel to create/capture financials

All up on the Code Gallery at

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