Project Server 2010: An unknown error has occurred in Project Center, Resource Center or Tasks

Thanks to my friends at one of our great TAP partners for this resolution. I love it when customers solve their own problems, and love it even more when they tell me about it so I can tell you.  Happy to give them credit for the resolution too – but only when I hear back from them that they are ok with the glory… ***Update *** and have the all clear to name Accenture, and Kranti Deshpande.  Thanks for all you work on the TAP and beyond!

The error is in red text where the grid should be – and isn’t a normal pop-up that you’d expect from SharePoint, but just text.  This appears on the Project Center, Resource Center and also Tasks and Timesheet pages


No scripts errors, but I did find some useful things in the Event Log when I reproduced the error.  I have copied this at the foot of this blog – mainly there for the search engines, but Event ID 3, WebHost is the important piece. Nothing jumped out at me from the ULS logs – I think this is more an IIS to client issue rather than SharePoint – but I did see some http binding messages (BasicHttpBinding) at about the right time

The issue was that in IIS Manager the Authentication for the site was set to use Windows Authentication, but in the Advanced Settings, Extended Protection was set to a value other than Off.


Just setting back to Off resolved the issues – and no IISReset required.

And for the search engines – the error…

Log Name:      Application
Source:        System.ServiceModel
Date:          7/2/2010 3:44:42 PM
Event ID:      3
Task Category: WebHost
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          domainuser

Computer:      servername
WebHost failed to process a request.
Sender Information: System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment+HostingManager/19339735
Exception: System.ServiceModel.ServiceActivationException: The service ‘/_vti_bin/PSI/ProjectServer.svc’ cannot be activated due to an exception during compilation.  The exception message is: The extended protection settings configured on IIS do not match the settings configured on the transport.  See inner exception for details.. —> System.NotSupportedException: The extended protection settings configured on IIS do not match the settings configured on the transport.  See inner exception for details. —> System.InvalidOperationException: The ExtendedProtectionPolicy.PolicyEnforcement values do not match.  One policy has a value of Always, while the other has a value of Never.  These values must match exactly.
   — End of inner exception stack trace —
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpChannelListener.ApplyHostedContext(VirtualPathExtension virtualPathExtension, Boolean isMetadataListener)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpTransportBindingElement.BuildChannelListener[TChannel](BindingContext context)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.BindingContext.BuildInnerChannelListener[TChannel]()
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.MessageEncodingBindingElement.InternalBuildChannelListener[TChannel](BindingContext context)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.TextMessageEncodingBindingElement.BuildChannelListener[TChannel](BindingContext context)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.BindingContext.BuildInnerChannelListener[TChannel]()
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.Binding.BuildChannelListener[TChannel](Uri listenUriBaseAddress, String listenUriRelativeAddress, ListenUriMode listenUriMode, BindingParameterCollection parameters)
   at System.ServiceModel.Description.DispatcherBuilder.MaybeCreateListener(Boolean actuallyCreate, Type[] supportedChannels, Binding binding, BindingParameterCollection parameters, Uri listenUriBaseAddress, String listenUriRelativeAddress, ListenUriMode listenUriMode, ServiceThrottle throttle, IChannelListener& result, Boolean supportContextSession)
   at System.ServiceModel.Description.DispatcherBuilder.BuildChannelListener(StuffPerListenUriInfo stuff, ServiceHostBase serviceHost, Uri listenUri, ListenUriMode listenUriMode, Boolean supportContextSession, IChannelListener& result)
   at System.ServiceModel.Description.DispatcherBuilder.InitializeServiceHost(ServiceDescription description, ServiceHostBase serviceHost)
   at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostBase.InitializeRuntime()
   at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostBase.OnOpen(TimeSpan timeout)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.CommunicationObject.Open(TimeSpan timeout)
   at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.HostingManager.ActivateService(String normalizedVirtualPath)
   at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.HostingManager.EnsureServiceAvailable(String normalizedVirtualPath)
   — End of inner exception stack trace —
   at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.HostingManager.EnsureServiceAvailable(String normalizedVirtualPath)
   at System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.EnsureServiceAvailableFast(String relativeVirtualPath)
Process Name: w3wp
Process ID: 4580

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