Project Server 2010: Copying custom Project site templates across instances

Interesting question came in today via the blog on my previous customization topic at and thought it worth a broader response, as it wasn’t something I had really thought about…  If you follow the directions at that blog then you can use the custom template in that PWA instance – but what about in […]

Project Server: Resource Plans and the PSI

I was doing some investigations this week on the Resource Plans Web Service and want to share this as it probably gives more information than we have in the SDK currently – or at least pulls it together.  The example I will be working towards is adding a resource to a resource plan, along with […]

Project Server: A few AD Sync Gotchas

Thanks to Jon and Mark on our team for this article on ADSync. Sometimes there are lingering questions around Project Server and Active Directory Sync or specific scenarios to watch for that aren’t documented. One of the biggest of these is something we’ve come to call AD GUID mismatches. This is when a user being […]

Project Server: Adding Custom Fields to Projects and Tasks using the PSI

This is a long time coming, prompted by a question on the forums and a promise I made in my blog from 2007 This was created targeting  Project Server 2007, but there should be no issues using the exact same approach with Project Server 2010. I have built this around the SDK LoginDemo […]