Project Server 2010: Check your Timesheet filters before turning Single Entry Mode Off

Changing Single Entry Mode (SEM) isn’t going to be an every day occurrence for most customers so hopefully not too many people will run in to this one – but it can take a while to work out what has happened to your tasks if you do happen to get caught out by this one.  If you have Single Entry Mode enabled in Project Server 2010 you have the option to filter the tasks that you see in your timesheet – so you can choose to see All Incomplete Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Newly Assigned Tasks or Completed Tasks – or No Filter (the default).


However, once the administrator turns off Single Entry Mode then this filter is no longer available.  Unfortunately though – it is still set behind the scenes to whichever value was last applied by the user.  So if you have recently turned off Single Entry Mode and users are not seeing the tasks they are expecting then it may be they still have filters applied.  To correct this you will need to re-enable single entry mode and have the users select “No Filter”, then turn off Single Entry Mode once more.  Obviously when carrying out these steps you should ensure that other users are aware of the maintenance being carried out so that they do not send status or timesheets while SEM is enabled – or even worse – apply a filter!  Thanks to Aik and Randy for their great work tracking this one down.

Another question that arose during this investigation was which tasks should actually be displayed in the timesheet when Single Entry Mode is turned on (with no filter).  The timesheet will display all tasks that have worked planned during that timesheet period AND any task that has a finish date earlier than that timesheet period and is not yet completed.  This is the designed behavior and is aimed at ensuring older incomplete tasks do not get overlooked.