Microsoft Project at TechEd 11

Reading Christophe’s post has reminded me that I have not yet told you all that I too will be at TechEd 11, in Atlanta May 16th to 19th – so I am telling you now.  My session will be an interactive one, but I will be relying on some of you guys for the interaction.  The title is Best Practices Troubleshooting Microsoft Project Server 2010 Deployments and I intend to talk about the tools, tips and tricks that can help you get and keep your Project Server 2010 installation up and running.  I expect to spend a little time on reading ULS logs and also using SQL Server Profiler traces to see just what’s going on behind the scenes.  I’d also welcome ideas if there are other things you want to hear about – after all it is meant to be interactive!  I can’t guarantee to fix all your issues – and I won’t be creating hotfixes on the spot – but I’d love to hear how Project Server is working for you.

If you are already registered then you can find me at – and if you are not registered then go to Registration right away.