Project Server 2010: Problems when bulk editing too many resources

I came upon this bug while working on my earlier posting regarding Reporting Database Refresh – and specifically trying to bulk edit lots of resources at once in the Resource Center.  It appears we throw a very complex and large query over to SQL and it has some issues parsing it.  The failure is […]

Project Server 2010: Reporting Database Refresh failing with large resource pools

*** Update *** – fix made it into the August CU – •The reporting database update job fails in Project Server 2010. Therefore, other jobs that are marked with “waiting to be processed” that follow the update job in the queue are auto canceled. – also in the roll-up server package – ***   […]

Project Server 2010: SP1 and June 2011 CU–FormatException when trying to provision a PWA site

Thanks to everyone who joined Adrian and I for this morning’s webcast – we sure covered a lot of stuff (well mostly Adrian – with the June CU update).  For those who couldn’t attend you can listen to the recording *** Update *** 7/8/2011 – It appears the problem relates to the People Picker […]