Project Server 2007: Problems with ActiveX Controls after loading the October 2011 CU

Hi All, it appears we have some issues around the download of ActiveX controls for the Project Center and other pages in Project Web Access for Project Server 2007 after loading the October 2011 Cumulative Update.  Thanks to Alex for his work on this one and especially to Marc for for quickly coming up with a temporary fix.  We are already working on an update to resolve this issue – but for now Marc’s fix will help you overcome the problem.

The symptom will be that you are given a message to download the ActiveX controls, which can be perfectly normal if we have updated them in a CU – however in this case the download will not complete and all the usual workarounds of manually removing and deploying etc. do not resolve the problem.  The cause is that we did not deploy new ActiveX controls with this release – but we updated a version check as if we had done.  So Marc’s temporary fix is just to ignore the result of the version comparison.  If you happen to be upgrading from a much older SP or CU and we have since updated the ActiveX then this may give unexpected results – but certainly if you are already at a recent CU this is a good temporary solution.  And of course – if you are not seeing this issue then you don’t need to make this change.

Once we have more information I will update this posting – particular around the behavior when we do fix the problem and whether you would need to revert the change first (as otherwise we may not replace the ‘updated’ file).

On to the workaround:

  1. Navigate to C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12TEMPLATELAYOUTSPWALIBRARY
  2. Make a safe copy of the file SHELL.JS (you may need to put this back in place before future updates)
  3. Open the file SHELL.JS with NOTEPAD and modify the following lines:
    • function PJ_CompareBuildVersion(clientBuildVersion, serverBuildVersion)
    • {
    •    var rgClientBuildVersion = clientBuildVersion.split(",");
    •    var rgServerBuildVersion = serverBuildVersion.split(",");
    •    for(var i = 0; i < rgClientBuildVersion.length-1; i++)
    •    {
    •       if(rgClientBuildVersion[i] > rgServerBuildVersion[i])
    •            return 0;
    •      if(rgClientBuildVersion[i] < rgServerBuildVersion[i])
    •            return 0;
    •    }
    •    return 0
  4. Save the file SHELL.JS
  5. In Internet Explorer reload any of the PWA pages with the ActiveX grid and all should be good!


Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused – and don’t hesitate to contact Microsoft if you have any further issues with this cumulative update.