Only shades of grey

Still on the Olympic Peninsula, a couple of shots that felt like a B&W treatment was in order.  First some beach art I came across near the mouth of the Elwha, – with the big white mass of Mt. Baker in the background – followed by a wooden shed on a pier at Port Gamble.  […]


This one I took a while back, nearly six years ago, with my first Digital Camera (which was already a few years old by then) a Canon PowerShot G2.  Great camera – I could even be tempted back to the series with the new G1 X, but it isn’t as small as some of the […]

Time for the tripod

Had a great weekend away in the Olympic Peninsula – some wonderful locations and this was one of my favourite shots from the second day.  A serene waterfall, and not far from the road – near the junction of 101 and 113, at Sappho.  I wanted to get a somewhat milky look to the water, […]

And some days it rains in Seattle

Even the rainy days give good photo opportunities.  One oft quoted photo statement is that best light for photography is before 10am and after 4pm, and while I wouldn’t disagree – it does somewhat make for a strange lunch time – so the grey days can give a break from the overhead direct light conditions […]

A change of perspective

One of the other challenges I set myself for Lunch With a Lens, was to go out with a zoom and take the same subject at each end of the zoom range – so taking a long shot – then zooming with my feet to get close enough to the subject that it appeared the […]