My first posting at Lunch with a Lens – and the idea came to me a while back as a means to get me away from my desk and get some fresh air – and also take some pictures!  My first round of pictures centered on going out with a specific lens and finding subjects that would suit that focal length.  The picture today also indicates that rainy days can add to the challenge – and you need to look in different places (office car park provided this viewpoint!).  This one was taken with a 35mm lens on my Pentax K-5 – so multiply by 1.5 to get the 35mm equivalent.  I’ll be posting more pictures from the lunchtime sessions, as well as other photos from different outings – some old and some new.  I’ll also talk a little about techniques I use, both with the camera and in post processing, and also my photo taking history.  This started with my Dad’s folding Kodak cameras and 120 roll film, though not sure I have any of my photos from those days.

I hope you enjoy the images and I certainly welcome feedback, as well as any other creative ideas for lunchtime challenges.