From one of my first Lunch With a Lens excursions.  Lucky enough to have some good subjects within walking distance, and this uprooted tree caught my attention when I was out with my 15mm – probably one of my most used lenses (until I bought the 18 to 135mm weatherproof).  I use Adobe Lightroom for post-processing – never really doing too much, and most of what I do was picked up by following the steps outlined in David duChemin’s book, Vision and Voice and also John Beardsworth’s Digital Photographer’s Guide to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  The first of John Beardsworth’s books I read was one of his studies of Black and White with Digital.  Quite a surprise to get a book from a Washington state library and see a picture of a the local church from the village in Essex where I grew up!

The green’s of Washington state, whether they be moss, fern or tree, are frequent topics for my photos and the green on the fence posts here really made this picture for me.