A change of perspective

One of the other challenges I set myself for Lunch With a Lens, was to go out with a zoom and take the same subject at each end of the zoom range – so taking a long shot – then zooming with my feet to get close enough to the subject that it appeared the same size, but with a totally different perspective.  This was one of the pairs of shots – the 135mm first – then the 18mm view of the same tree.

Tree taken with 135mm lens

The long shot gives a totally different look to the leaves – against a trees, rather than the wide angle view where the sky forms the background.  My one mistake with this challenge was taking a picture of a log washed into the lake – then finding that to get the same perspective I’d have been up to my knees…  The camera and lens is weather proof –my shoes not so much.

Same tree afterwalking closer and taking a similar looking shot with 18mm lens

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