Do you remember when 28mm was wide-angle?

One of the reasons for choosing the Pentax K-5, as well as the great reviews it was getting, was that I already owned lenses from the film days for my ME-Super and with the shake reduction built in to the body I get that feature even with my old lenses.  This shot was taken with my 28mm f/2.8 – and who knows – one day there might be a full frame Pentax DSLR and this lens might be wide angle again.


I like the bokeh in this shot mirroring the blossom on the tree.  The old lenses need manual focusing, this one happens to be an ‘A’ – so it does handle the exposure better than the fully manual lenses – but it doesn’t take long to get used to working with non-manual.  The focus detection still works too – so you can get some indication of focus (as well as obviously just seeing for your self – a lost art in these days of auto focus.

With many old K mount lenses affordable second-hand – and the new K-30 and the striking Marc Newson designed K-01 now available, the Pentax range is certainly a good way to get into digital photography with prime lenses.  I think I’ll need to see the K-01 in the flesh to decide if I like it – certainly attracting a lot of attention!

Starting at 15mm


From one of my first Lunch With a Lens excursions.  Lucky enough to have some good subjects within walking distance, and this uprooted tree caught my attention when I was out with my 15mm – probably one of my most used lenses (until I bought the 18 to 135mm weatherproof).  I use Adobe Lightroom for post-processing – never really doing too much, and most of what I do was picked up by following the steps outlined in David duChemin’s book, Vision and Voice and also John Beardsworth’s Digital Photographer’s Guide to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  The first of John Beardsworth’s books I read was one of his studies of Black and White with Digital.  Quite a surprise to get a book from a Washington state library and see a picture of a the local church from the village in Essex where I grew up!

The green’s of Washington state, whether they be moss, fern or tree, are frequent topics for my photos and the green on the fence posts here really made this picture for me.

Step away from the mouse!


My first posting at Lunch with a Lens – and the idea came to me a while back as a means to get me away from my desk and get some fresh air – and also take some pictures!  My first round of pictures centered on going out with a specific lens and finding subjects that would suit that focal length.  The picture today also indicates that rainy days can add to the challenge – and you need to look in different places (office car park provided this viewpoint!).  This one was taken with a 35mm lens on my Pentax K-5 – so multiply by 1.5 to get the 35mm equivalent.  I’ll be posting more pictures from the lunchtime sessions, as well as other photos from different outings – some old and some new.  I’ll also talk a little about techniques I use, both with the camera and in post processing, and also my photo taking history.  This started with my Dad’s folding Kodak cameras and 120 roll film, though not sure I have any of my photos from those days.

I hope you enjoy the images and I certainly welcome feedback, as well as any other creative ideas for lunchtime challenges.