Project Online: How do I get a copy of my databases?

You don’t…  We have had this question a couple of times so thought it worth a posting.  Customers and partners familiar with Project Server 2013 or even Project Server 2010, may be used to copying the databases to another server for testing or reporting or whatever.  In Project Online that certainly isn’t an option.  You […]

Project Online: Server Settings

This is a follow up post to the one on Project Server 2013 Server Settings and covers the Server Settings options in Project Online.  If you are new to Project Online and never used Project Server 2010 or Project Server 2013 then you probably don’t need to read further.  You won’t miss what you never […]

Project Server 2013: Server Settings

In Project Server 2013 we have moved some of the Server Settings options that were familiar to people in Project Server 2010, and in Project Online there are other changes to these server settings due to the nature of the service offering – and the fact that you no longer have to manage the server […]

When the light is just right

Some days things just come together, and you can get to a camera.  In this case the evening sunset was the first light of the day, the hills and mountains had seen some fresh snow and my new K-01 was within reach.  Throw open a window as there probably wasn’t time to get outside and […]