Project Online: How do I use my Apple Mac?

We have had a quite a few questions on the topic of using a Mac to run Project Online, so I took myself into uncharted territory (for me), acquired a MacBook Pro from our labs, running OS X 10.8.3 and set to work to see what it could do.  First I’ll set the scene – […]

Project Online: Getting to Project Web App

One recurring theme in early support calls on Project Online has been how to get to Project Web App (PWA).  I’ll cover several options here, for different users, both administrators and general users.  The usual issues are finding PWA through navigation, or getting Access Denied messages due to missing permissions or licenses. First navigation in […]

New Project Online posting over on ProjectSupport

I’ve covered off a few of the issues we see our early customers struggling with – signing up, the difference between Project Online and Project Pro for Office 365, licensing the users and sharing access to the Project Web App (PWA) – and a quick mention of trials.  Head over to Getting started with Project […]

Getting started with Project Online

We have a great deal of content available for Project Online, but we do still appear to have a couple of gaps in our documentation around the early experiences – both signing up and the licensing.  This blog aims to show and tell you what to expect, and concentrates on the areas we have found […]