Power corrupts–Unless it is the new Power BI for Office 365

A great new post on Power BI for Office 365 and how this can improve your reporting experience with Project Online – http://blogs.office.com/2014/02/27/power-bi-for-office-365-with-project-online/  There is a try before you buy offer, and you can look at the scheduled data refresh, larger workbooks and also some natural language queries – although I guess queries isn’t natural […]

Timesheet roundup–over on Project Support

A couple of recent posts over on Project Support cover some behaviors in Project Server timesheets that can catch folk out.  The first relates to deleted projects and assignments – and what then happens in the timesheet – Project Server Timesheets- What happens when I delete a project or assignment- – as well as covering […]

Project Server 2010: Is my category full?

I thought this Project Server 2010 issue with categories was worth a blog post just in case other people are seeing it.  The symptom is that you edit a category (Server Settings, Manage Categories), then add extra projects or resources, or views – click Save – and then you find that they were not added!  […]