Project Round-up–Lost Resources, PowerBI and Full Categories

It has been a busy few days in ProjectLand, and in case you hadn’t seen it we have a new KB out on the Project Server 2013 lost resources issue – complete with a stored procedure update that will patch our on-premises customers to avoid this condition occurring – and a detection script to see if you have hit the issue –

*** Update 2/18 – Looking to get the KB updated – but we incorrectly refer to the upcoming April 2014 CU as the April 2013 – hope this didn’t confuse anyone too much – and thanks to Mike Wahlman of Project Hosts for pointing this out to me ***

Also very well worth your time to read is the great work Denise and Mike put in to the article What reporting tools can I use with project data? – and some of you may have seen the poster at the Project Conference 2014.

And finally (for now) I published an article on Project Server 2010 categories and how they can fill up – Project Server 2010- Is my category full-.