Timesheet roundup–over on Project Support

A couple of recent posts over on Project Support cover some behaviors in Project Server timesheets that can catch folk out.  The first relates to deleted projects and assignments – and what then happens in the timesheet – Project Server Timesheets- What happens when I delete a project or assignment- – as well as covering a bug in 2013 where the timesheet status is getting reset when a status approval follows a timesheet approval (which is virtually every time when you self approve timesheets!  Then the 2nd came out of comments made on the first – and covers the relationship between assignments and timesheets – and the fact that one assignment can span multiple timesheets – and if there is time to submit on more than one of these – then guess what – it gets submitted too! Timesheets and assignments–updating status isn’t just for the current week 

These apply to Project Server 2010, Project Server 2013 and Project Online.  Thanks to Gary, Treb and Elli for their input into these conversations.  And yes Gary, I’m still looking into a script to resolve the ‘wrong status’ issue.