Great BI News for Project Online

A double dose of Business Intelligence goodness today for Project Online users – and also applicable to Project Server 2013we have a new post from Marc on Creating burndown charts for Project using Power Pivot and Power Query, and some great news of the release of the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) OData connector for SQL Server 2012 –, as announced at the Project Conference 2014  This connector will allow our Project Online customers to pull data from Project Online using OData to populate their own SQL Server (or other supported destination) databases.  These could be online or on-premises – and would then open up the ability to report via SQL Server Reporting Services or any other desired reporting tools.  We will have some getting started material coming soon (this will be on the Project blog – I will most likely post too on Project Support blog) but if you want to get started then take a look at Mike McLean and Andrew Lavinsky’s Project Conference session –  If you were at the conference you should remember the demo in the keynote if you didn’t see Mike and Andrew’s session.  If you weren’t there then also see Ludo’s keynote – and Mike’s appearance to do the reporting piece at around 50 minutes.

And while I’m at it – I posted over on Project Support a posting about matching patches between client and server and also keeping clients at a common level –

Enjoy!  And keep an eye out for Marc’s getting started documentation for the SSIS stuff – we will have some best practices for getting a good experience pulling OData from Project Online.  I’ll certainly be posting again once I see it!

***Update – you might like to take a look at the posting from Paul Mather for a step by step walk through –  Great article Paul!  Our getting started documentation will also cover this, as well as other best practices around limiting data that you are returning to get the best experience – such as only getting the columns you need and filtering for a data range or looking for new data ***