Support Webcast: Getting Started with Project Online

Thanks to everyone who joined the Getting Started with Project Online webcast yesterday, and to my co-presenter Aik Chen, and Heather Correa for the great logistical support.  As promised I am repeating the answers to questions we had at the end of the session – and also including the link to the recording and other useful getting started content. 

When the recording is posted (shortly) it will be found on the YouTube Microsoft Office365 playlist for the support webcast series –

The questions:

Q, David – Can Government or GCC customers purchase?  That is, can it be added to G3?
A. Yes, it can be added to GCC G3.  It cannot be added to Medium or Personal level subscriptions.

Q. Lou – How do you get other PWA sites to show on the top menu bar drop down?

           A.  Unfortunately we do not have a way to add or change where the Projects link from the toolbar navigates to – it will be your default /sites/pwa Url.  I believe SharePoint may be adding some ability to modify the toolbar – not sure if this might give what you need.

Q.  Eswara  I have a Project Manager who uses Project Professional 2013 desktop version to manage his project – how can I make his project available through PWA? I have Project online with Project Pro for Office 365.
A. Project Professional 2013 and Project Pro for Office 365 are really identical from the functional side – just the Office 365 version delivered as a subscription.  So your PM can use Project Professional 2013 to connect to a Project Online PWA by using the Url when they set up the profile to connect.

           Q, David – Are there API’s or connectors that allow departments with  existing PPM tools like Clarity, to export their portfolio date to Project Online?              

A.  We have OData and REST API’s to be able to interact with Project Data – really depends exactly what you are needing to do David.  By all means contact me offline to see if the data you need access to is available.

Q. Chad –  Can you talk about the Project Lite SKU?

           A. The Project Lite SKU was announced at the Project Conference 2014 and is a lower priced subscription aimed at the team member.  The team member will be able to use the task and timesheet functionality – collaborate on the project site and can access everything that the team member permission would normally confer.  They will be able to view some project information but not for example edit in the schedule web part.

Q. David – Are there quick start implementation services, or recommended partners to do that?
A. The Find a Partner link will take you to which helps find active partners in the Project Online community.  Also worth reviewing the Project Conference 2014 presentations – many of these were from partners.  These can be found on and if you search for Project Online there was a fast track implementation session.  I also did a session on supporting Project Online – if you are interested it is First Impressions supporting Project Server 2013 and Project Online

Q.  Eswara  – Where is this presentation posted?
A.  On YouTube

Some useful links we mentioned in the session:

On the 6th of May please join myself and Aik again for Getting Started with Project Pro for O365 and using it with Project Online.  For the full list of Ignite events see

And finally… We (myself and Adrian) are looking to resume the Cumulative Update release webcasts – watch this space!