Project and Project Server Spring Round-up

Busy times, so have not produced a round-up blog for a couple of months – so here goes with a review of the spring in Project Land!

I attended the MPUG Seattle chapter meeting last evening in Bellevue – Reporting Made Easy – good to catch up with Tad and also meet Nate and Dave and Bill Dow from Microsoft who organized the event.  Bill asked if I’d present at a future MPUG event – I’d welcome topics that folks might like to hear about.

Yesterday posted about the Office 2016 Preview – and updated today with some language stuff.

Ignite happened – useful links for Project sessions here – Recorded Session on Project from Ignite 2015

March April and May Updates went out – best place to catch all of these is the Project Support blog – – then look in the top right for each product to see all update information since release.  We also did a webcast for the March updates – Project Webcast on Tuesday 10th March 2015

I posted about some OData errors you might see – fixed in a couple of weeks or so – Project Server 2013- OData gives a Data Model error in Excel with large datasets

We made some changes in Project Online to help with performance – Project Online- Performance guidance and updating custom fields

I explained some jumbling of icons you might see at times – Project Online- What’s with the ribbon icons getting jumbled-

and I described an issue with saving your Enterprise Global – but that issue should have gone away.  The benefit of Project Online – I know what version you are all on, so I don’t have to assume that some of you might be seeing old bugs because you haven’t patched!

Back in March I posted about some changes to the publish features in SharePoint which impacted saving project sites as templates –

But that’s enough about me – what have the rest of project bloggers been up to?

  • I finally updated the link to Treb’s new blog at his Tumble Road site and he has new posts on Chaos Management and Resource Management as well as links to ‘Trebinars’ – some you’ve missed and some coming up –
  • Sam Huffman posted on Duration Demystified – as well as a link to the Preview
  • Prasanna has been busy with posts on the new resource engagements feature coming to Project Online and Project Server 2016, as well as posts on vacation tracking, milestone payments, an automated check-in of projects using Nintext and a great Curah feature on performance references for Project –
  • PJ posted on Enterprise Calendar use cases, how o delete old Status Reports and also a link to the SharePoint 2016 announcements –
  • Peter too has been very busy – articles on his experiences switching to an iPhone to use Office as well as one of Sensei’s applications, a great post on getting usage analytics from your Office 365 tenant, a link to the PowerBI preview as well as recorded training on building your first reports in Project Online.  Most recently a link to a couple of the Ignite sessions –
  • Paul’s recent postings gave us an Ignite day by day account – very pleased to see him at my session!  Annoyed by Lync (Skype for Business) status in Project?  Paul covers how to disable it.  More great scripting examples, tis time covering access to SharePoint lists from PDPs.  A good explanation of date differences one might see with manually scheduled tasks depending where you look – and his announcement of his MVP status renewal for the 3rd year –
  • Oleksiy posted about the PowerBI preview too, along with some great examples, and another post on using a 3rd party app for getting time data into a project plan (not in a Project Server scenario) –
  • Nenad blogged about getting the critical path into the timeline, updating to status date, duration and the effect on different working hours, task splitting, status dates, multiple critical paths, units and defaults, manually scheduled summary tasks – and finally – assigning resources to summary tasks!  Great work Nenad
  • Michael’s posts for the spring were articles on a PowerShell summit in Charlotte and limitations of the timesheet comments field
  • Khurram is actively posting again – with some Ignite overviews and a great post about removing gaps between web parts –
  • Guillaume posted a reminder about the reporting database schema, put together a great reference article including my CU pages as well as other useful links for each version, some active directory sync tips, an explanation of why your project site timeline may be updating (or even showing!), some limitations of delegation and finally how to bulk update EPTs – busy indeed! –
  • Ben posted about the top 5 reasons to go for Project Online – not sure if San Servolo, Tanqueray & Red Wine were 3 of the reasons – or just one. Earned value and dependencies were the other spring topics for Ben –
  • Andrew posted about killing the default PWA (No projects were harmed…) , Strategic Planning, IoT in Oil and Gas, and his role as chief heckler at a very fun reporting session at Ignite –
  • Alexander blogged about a macro for setting baselines across Project Server, large scale EPM deployments and a virtual lab for replication Project Online reporting in SQL Server –
  • Alex’s post included details of the new Workflow Health page, the Appies (you’ll have to look), The Project Online roadmap, a round-up of Ignite and a link to the 2016 preview –
  • Tim covered crating master projects and subprojects, as well as graphical indicators –
  • Erik updated his ‘resources’ page, drilled into Visual Reports, discussed Power BI and Project Online – a hot topic this spring, explained custom bar styles, came up with a great idea to use OneDrive to share resource he comes across and covered Ignite from afar –

Plenty of reading there for everyone – and a lesson for me that I should do this every month and not have to do a big catch up!