What’s happening in Project Land–Summer catch-up

Been a while since my last round up of Project bloggery – but here goes.

First I’d like to bring your attention to the Product Group blog recently on some API changes coming your way.  We started supporting CSOM with Project Server 2013 and Project Online, but this latest blog moves that along a bit with the announcement that the Project methods of the PSI are being deprecated in Project Server 2016 and Project Online (they were never actually supported in Project Online, but it was possible to use them).  This won’t change anything for Project Server 2013 or 2010 – but if you are doing new development in 2013 then certainly worth considering CSOM to ensure you have something that will continue to work in the future.  For the full blog see https://blogs.office.com/2015/07/14/a-unified-scheduling-engine-and-api-in-project-online-and-project-server-2016/


The Product Group also blogged about the new Resource Engagement feature – New Feature–Resource Engagements–coming to Project Online and Project Server 2016

Next up – Our documentation team have some new stuff out – giving some thoughts on the Project Management Office (PMO) – https://support.office.com/en-my/article/Supporting-your-Project-Online-adoption-with-a-Project-Management-Office-PMO-567b2415-5973-4e38-b796-dd20ebcb00c8 .  Great work Efren and Co.  I loved the analogies to managing a household.


Since my last round up the June and July updates have been released, and I also blogged on the migration of info into and between sites, OData reserved words and refreshing OData reports when using multiple languages.  Not a new blog post – but did just update the one on jumbled ribbon icons – we should have that fixed with some changes in our build process.

On our French support blog Marc added a great article on collecting Project Server queue stats – by use of the Enable-SPProjectQueueStatsMonitoring cmdlet and referencing the usage and health data page at https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee663480.aspx.

Jorge has been busy on the Spanish support blog – one interesting article on creating projects with PowerShell.

From our MVPs and others, Tim Runcie took us through scenario of starting a schedule by concentrating on the finish date – How to Reverse Engineer a Microsoft Project Schedule

Alex Rodov was posted about on the Trusted IT Group blog – regarding his PMI Global Congress appearance – Presenting at PMI Global Congress 2015 – North America

Andrew Lavinsky posted on the importance of baselining benefits – particularly when working with volatile items such as oil (sorry for the pun…) – also a topic from the PMI Houston Annual Conference – and also Segmenting Portfolios Part 1 and 2.

Ben Howard covered Nested IFs and Risk Lists, the Project Virtual Conference (more later) and Save Site as Template – No longer an option! – which gives an answer if my own ‘save as template’ post didn’t help.

Guillaume Rouyre gave us an option for using audiences to stop people from accessing timesheets, his thoughts on the deliverable/dependency feature, Power BI, deactivating deleted users, more on the Project Virtual Conference and finally formatting Gantt charts.

Khurram Jamshed gave a review of Project 2016 and Michael Wharton posted on PMO Strategy.

Nenad has had a busy summer – telling us about Must Finish On Constraints, Milestones with duration, password protecting projects, project start times, 99% completed projects and tasks, material resources and start/finish, and actuals on summary tasks.

Oleksiy Prosnitskyy contributed a post on beautifying our report pages and using Power Query for Project reporting.

Paul Mather also had a busy summer so far – with an interesting approach to using the new Office 365 Groups feature, deleting sites with PowerShell, the Project Virtual Conference, updating labels on PDPs (very cool!) and the great news about CPS being an award finalist for their PS+ solution.

Peter Kestenholz blogged about a new free App for search in Project Online – and I’ll also add that his company, Projectum were awarded the Microsoft PPM Partner of the Year award.

PJ Mistry posted on choosing methodologies, support lifecycle and Office2013 RTM, OLAP Excel reports and working in Days, and the Wunderlist acquisition.

Prasanna Adavi announced the Project Virtual Conference.

Last MVP posting and certainly not least a familiar name blogging in a new place – Dale Howard joined Sensei Project Solutions and has posted a few articles over the summer so far -  intentionally splitting tasksadd new column functionality and hiding the task mode indicator.  I’ll be adding Dale’s Sensei blog to my list once we roll out some platform changes to the TechNet and MSDN blogs in the coming months.

Outside the MVP list Erik has been busy too – recounting his experiences on a TPG partner training course as well as a series on tools for Project Management – Part 1, 2 and 3.

Wow – that’s a ton of stuff.  Thanks everyone for the great content you put out there!