What I missed in my Project Land summer round-up

For my round-up posts I tend to go to the blog roll and click through and see what the MVP community have been blogging about and then add other posts that have interested me from both inside and outside Microsoft.  However, there are some MVP’s that were missing from my list so I missed posting about their blogs!  So if you are a project MVP with a blog and you are not on the blog roll on either this blog or the http://blogs.technet.com/projectsupport blog then let me know so I can add you.  I’ll do the additions in the next couple of weeks as we are doing some migration work on our blogging platform.

But one friend and MVP quickly let me know that I had missed some excellent posts of his – so this extra summer round up is dedicated to Allan Rocha!  Allan claims to be Brazilian – but as he can either take or leave football, and prefers the cooler climate of Denmark – so  I’m not so sure.  In Denmark he works for the 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year winner, Projectum.  He posts in English and Portuguese (I’m sure Peter will have him blogging in Danish soon!) and a recent selection of posts include the Power BI Rest API, Refresh Support for Power BI, a very cool Project Search app for Project Online, an intro to the new Resource Engagements feature coming soon and finally a link to his Microsoft Ignite session on BI.

Sorry I missed you Allan – keep up the great blogging!