A Happy New Year to all my blog readers

Thanks to all my readers for the feedback and questions through 2015 and before – and looking forward to more in 2016.

Quick facts!

My most northerly reader?  North shore of Alaska – 71.2947 degrees North!


Most Southerly?  Chile – -53.15 South.


Westerly?  Tonga -174 degrees West


Easterly?  Suva (narrowly pushing out New Zealand which from memory has captured Southerly and Easterly in previous years)


I reached 6,500 unique locations and http://www.myworldmaps.net put my World Domination at 33.81% (up from 23.1% in 2014!).  Just short of 1000 hits a day – with nearly 40% in the US – UK second with nearly 10% and then Germany, India and Canada following on with around 4 to 5% each.

One single hit in each of Greenland, Equatorial Guinea, the Cook Islands and the Congo.  I need to break into Antarctica next – surely they must plan their project there?

Chrome passed 50% in the last month as the browser of choice by my readers…

And 1.42% of my readers are within 10 miles!


Happy New Year! (Big Ben should be striking about now).