Second Decade of Blogging–Feedback please!



I started my blog back in October 2006 – so just into my second decade of blogging – and wanted to reach out to find how this is working for you?  As we move into 2016 as a support team we are looking at how we should use social and what better way than to ask our customers!  So, not a survey, just some questions to get things flowing.  Also very keen to hear if the blog has been useful to you in the past.  I do get feedback and really good to know it has helped – and very useful information to give our management team to ensure we can continue sharing information in this way.  Don’t be shy.  Also be good to hear how it compares to support focused blogs for other Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies – always looking to learn from other practitioners.

I’m guessing many of you may read both this blog and the Project Support blog on TechNet – comments on both gratefully accepted.

So some questions:

  • Does the format work?  Would it be better with some video perhaps?  What should we change?
  • Are Twitter and Facebook places you’d want and expect to get support help?  Any other technology support doing this well today?
  • How about LinkedIn?  Not something I’ve used for blog announcements or articles – but it seems to be getting a more popular destination.
  • Our support forums?  How are they working for you?
  • Do you find the Update lists useful on the Project Support blog?  (Top right – headed cumulative updates)
  • Anything else?

Obviously we can only go so far in these external forums – more for the 5 minute answer than really deep problems – especially when we need to share logs or run some diagnostics – when opening a support incident is the preferred way to go.

Feel free to reply via comments – or contact me at if you prefer.