The clocks changed–so did Project Online’s

Last weekend Daylight Saving started in the US – and talking of time – Project Online made some updates to ensure that you can see the expected times when you work on projects and review the queue jobs.  This was one topic from my blog posts yesterday over on the Project Support blog – Project Online-What time did I last modify that project- 


The other post was about a recent problem found with 2010 to 2013 migrations.  Hopefully most customer running 2010 (and 2007 – you know who you are!) will be considering either this upgrade very soon so take a look at Project Server 2013- After migrating from 2010 some resources can’t be edited.  Of course, another migration option for you is to move to Project Online – and if you are coming from 2007 this certainly can make for an easier migration (load up via mpp) rather than move through 2010, 2013 (and now 2016!)

One other thing – a few folks have been searching for the 2016 trial license key to look at Project Server 2016 – you should be able to use the pre-release key from the Release Candidate with the following PowerShell command once you have your farm installed and running:

Enable-ProjectServerLicense -Key Y2WC2-K7NFX-KWCVC-T4Q8P-4RG9W

This is the 180 day trial license.