Project Server 2016: Configuring Workflow

Following a few internal threads on Workflow Manager installation I thought it worth getting a few words out there, as I hit some of these issues configuring my Project Server 2016 RTM installation.  Thanks to Zsolt Illes and Jim Cox for the detail behind this blog.  The configuration of Workflow for SharePoint Server 2016 is unchanged from SharePoint Server 2013 – so that also applies to Project Server workflow configuration.  The article at covers the detail – but some updates that have been released can make some of these steps tricky.  The Web Platform Installer shows the following if you search for Workflow:  Workflow Manager 1.0 – and some updates – as well as Workflow Manager Client 1.0. CU3.


This is from my SharePoint Server – my Workflow Manager is installed on another server.  Initially my Server had Workflow Manager 1.0 installed with no updates – and my SharePoint Server had the client with CU3.  This didn’t work out and when I tried to Register-SPWorkflowService  I got this error:

Register-SPWorkflowService : Workflow XAML failed validation due to the
following errors:
Invalid type(s) ‘Microsoft.Activities.CacheScope’.
HTTP headers received from the server – ActivityId:
7d59ced9-3f8e-4fcf-bb03-6ff2aa62b54b. NodeId: BRISMITH12S. Scope: /SharePoint.
Client ActivityId : 9ed0739d-f64e-00a4-ab7b-fcf65bcf70a1.

I guessed that I probably needed to update my Workflow Manager to match with the client – but when I tried to install CU3 from the Web Platform Installer it wasn’t having it – it told me I needed to install Workflow Manager and Update to CU3 – which funnily enough was exactly what I was trying to do…  This is when I remembered Jim having more or less the same issue and Zsolt coming up with the answer.  A quick search of my e-mail and I had the answer:

· You do not need to update to Service Bus 1.1 to install WFM CU3.

· When you install the CU3 on a machine with a WFM 1.0 already, you need to guarantee the following:

     Installed Cumulative Update for Service Bus 1.0 (KB2799752)


     Service Bus 1.1

· You have to install Workflow Manager 1.0 CU3 after you install Workflow Manager Client 1.0 CU3.

The final point was why I needed to update – and my resolution was to apply KB2799752 for Service Bus – and then I could install CU3 for Workflow Manager 1.0.

Final step was to configured the App Management Service application and then I could publish workflows!  Of course that doesn’t include forgetting that I shouldn’t configure the Workflow stuff with my own account – or that I needed to have the Profile Service App configured – or then rebuilding and forgetting to re-publish my workflows so my project creation died with a ‘scope not found ‘ issue… And I did hit the ‘Invalid JWT token’ issue but remembered I had blogged about this a couple of years ago –   Hadn’t touched workflow in a while, but it is all coming back.