Blog Post Update–Upgrade issues, June Updates and Planner

Thought it worth a post to say how I plan to use the two blogs I have going forward.  I just posted the June Updates PU on the Project Support blog over at Project Server 2010, 2013 and 2016 June 2016 PU – and earlier in the day posted about an upgrade issue from 2010 to 2013 – Project Server 2013- Problems upgrading if your SQL language is not English (Thanks again Diana Balan!).  I will continue posting Project, Project Server and Project Online support stuff over on the blog – and will also be getting help from team in adding additional posts! 

On this blog I’ll do announcement type posts like this one – but will also keep this for postings on development topics around Project and Planner like the recent one on REST and CSOM examples (and hopefully something on Microsoft Graph and Planner shortly) as well as post purely on Planner and associated topics – like Azure AD, Office 365 Groups and similar.  Any special requests on topics considered too.  I am looking to put together some workflow troubleshooting stuff over the next month or two – and probably look at other options such as Microsoft Flow.