PPM User Voice and Team Assignments–we heard you!

A reminder about the User Voice site for Office 365 Project & Portfolio Management – and one of the recent feedback items that has moved to “Started” – https://microsoftproject.uservoice.com/forums/218133-office-365-project-portfolio-management-ppm/suggestions/11573715-allow-multiple-team-resources-to-apply-for-a-task.  Allow multiple team resources to apply for a task that has been assigned to a team resource (allow 1:n replacement for team resources).  I am pleased like many of you that there are some enhancements coming to this feature – it is certainly one feature, where since its release, customers have expected it actually did far more than it really did. A case where each customer had written their own specification for what they wanted it to do and were disappointed with the actual implementation. Great to see this getting some attention – and a good example of how your suggestions and votes on https://microsoftproject.uservoice.com/forums/218133-office-365-project-portfolio-management-ppm can really make a difference.


Don’t forget, Microsoft Planner also has its User Voice page – https://planner.uservoice.com/forums/330525-microsoft-planner-feedback-forum if you have suggestions or just want to see what other ideas are out there and which ones we are thinking about or have started work on.