Project Server: Remote event receivers and large payloads

*** Update 4/27 – further testing and this does not affect Project Server 2016 – and therefore also unlikely to affect Project Online (although I haven’t tested) *** This blog post comes out of a recent support incident where a customer had configured a server side event handler on the Statusing Approvals Updating event – […]

Planner: Cloning a Plan with multiple assignments

I updated my previous posting with a rough re-write of my cloning PowerShell – but I have completed a complete re-write that handles the objects in PowerShell much better (thanks for the feedback and guidance Tarkan!). Here is a zipped up version of the ps1 – plannerclonemultiassignv3 *** Update 6/13/2017 – the Planner Graph API […]

Planner: Group control–new PowerShell commands

Since posting my blogs that covered control of Group creation using PowerShell as a means of setting who can and cannot create Plans (which create Groups) there has been a new release of the Azure AD PowerShell module which supersedes the ‘v1 Preview’ that contained the earlier commands – such as Get-MSOLAllSettingTemplate and New-MsolSettings.  The […]