Road Trip 2017 – Quebec City to Montreal

After Quebec City the plan was to drive to Montreal – Diane would then catch a plane back to Seattle, Alice would fly in from the UK and join me for the 2nd part of the road trip – Montreal to Seattle.  It didn’t quite work out as planned.  Half-way to Montreal the car died.  Completely.  A call to CAA and they quickly came to the rescue and we were on our way again (courtesy of Diane’s command of the French language). 

We were towed around 120km and dropped at a Canadian Tire garage, right near Montreal airport – and Diane made her flight with seconds to spare – literally.  So this was Sunday, the day before National Patriot’s Day (Victoria Day) and the Tiguan was dead.  Canadian Tire were great and started to look at the car while I headed over to the airport to meet Alice – who was still unaware of the change in plans.  On our return to the garage the engine was declared dead and they suspected it might be Tuesday before they could find out if a reconditioned one could be found…

As we had intended to drive right on out of Montreal we had to re-do the travel plans and had at least a few days to spend in Montreal.  The first pictures are in and around Montreal – including a walk up Mont Royal, the Patriot Day celebrations and a visit to the Botanical Gardens, Olympic Park and the Biodome.  And on Tuesday we learned we might get the car back by Friday…  so time to take in an unexpected side trip!

















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