Project Online: Project Publishing Improvements

Just a short post today to talk about some changes you may see in Project Online over the next few days.  The product group have been working on improving the publish process and tackling the problem from a few angles – a couple of these result in things you will see – rather than just performance imrpvements that are not so immediately visible.

The first one is that when you publish from the schedule web part in PWA you will no longer be left looking at a ‘Publishing’ notification when you’d rather be doing something else – we now let you get on with your life – and give a shortcut to go to the queue jobs if you really do need to keep watching the publish.

Image showing the new dialog - Submitted publish queue job. View its status here. You may now safely leave this page.

The second one relates to summary resource assignments (SRAs) and how that data now gets through the queue.  Rather than spend a few seconds (or minutes) doing this within the publish job for the project this is now handled as a separate publish process, as it does not really need to be handled at the same time.  This should mean the publish can finish quicker and the reporting publish can start sooner.

Image of the new queue job - Update Summary Resource Assignments

Enjoy all the time this saves you!