My site has seen a whole lot of new visitors this year – mainly due to my moving over some archive stuff that was going to be lost from the demise of TechNet and MSDN blogs. But I do need to catch up on my photo posts too – so expect some of my road trips from the last couple of years to be added as it looks like my last posting was when I finished the cross country trip in 2017. So still need to load up Oregon and Northern California, Central Oregon, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, New Zealand, Boston to DC and the Central California Coast – not to mention a trip to Portugal – and maybe some I’ve forgotten… So you are warned!

A quick taster?  Here is one of my favourites from New Zealand – and just a few miles from the Windows 10 desktop picture of the girl running on the beach (No, I didn’t take that one).

New Zealand - Cape Farewell
The path down to Cape Farewell, South Island NZ