Happy New Year!

My site has seen a whole lot of new visitors this year – mainly due to my moving over some archive stuff that was going to be lost from the demise of TechNet and MSDN blogs. But I do need to catch up on my photo posts too – so expect some of my road […]

Project Online: Getting Started with Roadmap

*** Update 2019-01-31 Another point of confusion – Roadmap is only available for customers with the Project Online Premium or Project Online Professional sku.  It IS NOT available (and will not be made available) if you do not have a t least one of these.  Customers with the older Project Online with/without Project Pro for […]

Project Online: Project Publishing Improvements

Just a short post today to talk about some changes you may see in Project Online over the next few days.  The product group have been working on improving the publish process and tackling the problem from a few angles – a couple of these result in things you will see – rather than just […]

Project Online: New home page for users

The Project Online users new home page called Project Home lets you Open, Favorite a Project and Create New Projects, helping you get organized and find Projects of your interest from one place thus making it fastest and easiest. You can also see your recently accessed Project files to resume editing your Project.  In this […]

Project, Project Online and Planner Accessibility

The Project and Planner engineering teams have been hard at work improving the accessibility of our products.  A set of documents is now live that walks through some of the screen reading functionality that has been added to help users relying on Narrator or Jaws to navigate Project and Planner – as well as other […]