Project, Project Online and Planner Accessibility

The Project and Planner engineering teams have been hard at work improving the accessibility of our products.  A set of documents is now live that walks through some of the screen reading functionality that has been added to help users relying on Narrator or Jaws to navigate Project and Planner – as well as other […]

Microsoft Planner and Guest Access: What you need to know

The new guest access feature for Microsoft Planner is now enabled for all farms – hopefully you saw the Message Center post! This Planner task version of the message center post is courtesy of my Office 365 Change Management example using Azure Functions.  There was also a Tech Community blog post by Jo Parkhurst – […]

Microsoft Planner: Where did my New plan option go?

This one should only affect administrators, but the behavior will also help explain why other users may not see the New plan option.  So what does this look like?  When Planner loads initially as it loads the New plan option can be seen – just above the Planner Hub option: But as the page finishes […]

Microsoft Planner: When is a plan not a plan?

This posting came about from a customer query where they were not seeing all the plans in their mobile clients that they see on their Planner Hub on the web.  And the answer?  When it is a Group – that doesn’t yet have a Plan.  That is one answer anyway, and there could be some […]

Microsoft Planner: New Year–New Features!

This year sees an acceleration in the delivery of new features to Planner and I’m taking the opportunity to walk through some of these and show how one might use them.  The Plan I am using for my examples is one that featured in some of my earlier Planner blogs – and is the Change […]

Office 365 Message Center to Planner: PowerShell walk-through–Part 2

The code I am walking through here is that which drives the sample I blogged about in the posting In Part 1 I walked through the PowerShell that was reading the messages, filtering out the ones I was interested in by product and then adding the required metadata to get them to the right […]

Project goes agile!

*** Update 8/3/2018 – There have been some UI changes in this feature set – all functionality remains but names and navigation changed to aid use of these features – see for details. ***   Today sees the announcement from the Project team of the new agile capabilities in the Project Online Desktop client, which, […]

Office 365 Message Center to Planner: PowerShell walk-though–Part 1

*** Update 7/24/2018 – Thanks for reminding me to add this Dean – and if you too are trying this with the latest ADAL then this link should help. *** *** Update 10/28/2017 – made code correction mentioned below – setting and using an environment variable for my tenantId $uri = “” + $env:tenantId […]