Oxygen – O – Lifegiver

Oxygen (O – Atomic number 8) is certainly something we couldn’t live without – or in fact couldn’t live at all if the concentrations in the atmosphere were much more or less.  But I guess if the levels had fluctuated more or been different then we wouldn’t have evolved quite the way we did.  I […]

Yttrium – Y – Clear white light

Yttrium (Y – Atomic number 39) is another transition metals (like Iron) and was named after the town in Sweden, Ytterby, where the mineral (Ytterbite) in which it was first found was picked up from a quarry. Today Yttrium has a number of uses – as its oxide it is added to glass for camera lenses to […]

Br – Bromine – Bromide prints

Bromine – (Br – Atomic number 35 – and one of the halogens) has one very obvious use in photographic emulsions.  Of course there shouldn’t be any bromide left after development and fixing – but looking at some of the discoloration perhaps there is some here. Bromine comes from the word meaning ‘stench’ and I remember […]