Microsoft Planner: Where did my New plan option go?

This one should only affect administrators, but the behavior will also help explain why other users may not see the New plan option.  So what does this look like?  When Planner loads initially as it loads the New plan option can be seen – just above the Planner Hub option: But as the page finishes […]

Project Server 2013: Important dates and patches

As I write we are approaching an important date in the life of Project and Project Server 2013 – 10th April 2018 (thanks for the correction Andre!) will be the end of mainline support.  This includes SharePoint Server 2013 too.  This means that beyond this date we will only be taking fixes for the product […]

Microsoft Planner: When is a plan not a plan?

This posting came about from a customer query where they were not seeing all the plans in their mobile clients that they see on their Planner Hub on the web.  And the answer?  When it is a Group – that doesn’t yet have a Plan.  That is one answer anyway, and there could be some […]

Microsoft Planner: New Year–New Features!

This year sees an acceleration in the delivery of new features to Planner and I’m taking the opportunity to walk through some of these and show how one might use them.  The Plan I am using for my examples is one that featured in some of my earlier Planner blogs – and is the Change […]

Project Online: Now with Conditional Access

Just a quick posting to confirm that Conditional Access for SharePoint Online and OneDrive also applies to Project Online – as it sits on top of SharePoint.  You can’t just block Project Online though – you block it by blocking SharePoint.  Bill Baer has a great blog post – so I’ll just show that […]