Road Trip 2017 – Nova Scotia to Quebec

A day to look around Nova Scotia – not nearly enough – before we were heading through Prince Edward Island and then back to New Brunswick and North to Quebec.  But first Nova Scotia.  We headed South down to Lunenburg and also took in Mahone Bay on the way – for an often photographed set of Churches across the bay.


Lunenburg didn’t really excite us so we headed out to Blue Rock – for some very nice photo opportunities and some interesting and colourful sea-weed.



A ferry ride across Lahave River followed – before heading East to Peggy’s Cove – one of the highlights of Nova Scotia – and it didn’t disappoint!  Back to Wolfville for dinner and a look out at Grand Pre before sunset.





The next day we hit the furthest Easterly point of our journey – around Arisaig where we visited the lighthouse before heading for the ferry over to Price Edward Island – which would appear to give Idaho a run for its money when it comes to potatoes!



It was a very pleasant sunny afternoon, and after enjoying a walk around Port La Joye we had fish and chips in Victoria – then crossed the long bridge back to the mainland and out overnight stop in Shediac at the Hotel of the same name – a posher than expected establishment – with a very pleasant bar!






Road Trip 2017–New Brunswick to Nova Scotia

After a very pleasant breakfast in St Martin, which almost made up for the disappointing arrival the evening before, we headed along the cost to the Fundy National Park.  Another time the Fundy Trail Provincial Park might be worth a drive through – but we had quite a few miles to cover and this wasn’t fully open yet – so would have been a long out and back diversion.  The rain held of for the first part of the day and we hiked one of the Point Wolfe trails – and with tide out some interesting rocks to be seen.




Next stop – after getting some lunch in Alma from the bakery – was Cape Enrage for a blustery look at the lighthouse and to admire the views and see the red soil and water for the first time.


Hopewell Rocks site wasn’t officially open – but it was still accessible – and despite the rain starting up it was an impressive sight.



More miles to cover as we were spending the next two night in Wolfville – and unfortunately the timing wasn’t right to see the tidal bore as we made our way into our second province.  Our home  while we took a look around Nova Scotia was Blue Shutters B&B which was very comfortable.  A pleasant walk into town and food and drink at Paddy’s BrewPub.  The next day we planned to head South. (To be continued…)



Road Trip 2017–New Hampshire to New Brunswick

We started in New Hampshire as we were attending a Graduation Ceremony – and then the car our daughter had been using need to get back to Washington state – so that sounded like a great excuse for a long road trip!  The first day (after dropping the daughters off at Boston to fly home) was heading along the coast – into Maine and ending the day at Bar Harbor.  This was by far the wettest day of the trip – teaming rain all day – and no photo opportunities at the few brief stops we made!  The evening destination was the Saltair Inn which with better weather may have been worth a longer stay – as it was an ideal place to walk the bar and see Acadia National Park.  As it was we got drenched walking to a good dinner spot Galyns’s, but worth the walk! 

The following morning the weather wasn’t quite so bad so did get a good look at the lower parts of Acadia National Park – but Cadillac Mountain was well into the mist.








Leaving Acadia we headed further North East – into Canada and New Brunswick.  Our destination for the evening was St Martin – and it appeared we were the first visitors of the season – and much was closed even at 5pm in the afternoon.  Snacking on our road provisions and breaking onto the handy wine-box kept us going – and we did manage to see the highlights of St Martin before it got dark.




The following day was to take us out of New Brunswick and to Nova Scotia (to be continued…)





Or-Ca Road Trip–last leg

From Yachats we started the day with a walk along the ocean-front.  As mentioned in the previous post the Fireside Motel has a great location right on the water.  Might come back and get a room with a fire and watch some of the winter storms from here!



After short stop at the bakery for rations – we headed South to see a few of the promising looking viewpoints that we had passed the previous evening when food rather than photos was on our minds.  We were not disappointed  Saw and heard Sea Lions and some lighter coloured California sea lions right next to the coast road!



Driving just a little further South to pick towards the sand dunes.


Then North again back just South of Yachats to take a hike at Cape Perpetua.  First along the rocks taking in a blow-hole – and the tide was just right for a regular display – and also seeing a flood of photographers – it looked like they were being washed up with the tide!

161028_ORCA_2016_304    161028_ORCA_2016_366


Higher up at Cape Perpetua we enjoyed one of the best lunch views of the trip – not to mention the great fare from the bakery!  And a Douglas Squirrel – but I didn’t quite nail the focus…


North again with regular stops to admire all the Oregon coast had to offer




A long walk on Cannon Beach – the sun was getting quite low in the sky – and about the last planned stop as we headed for Astoria and our last night away.




Out hotel at Astoria was the Hampton Inn and Suites – which initially looked to mean a trek back to town for some evening meal – but this welcoming site gave us better options – and within waling distance!  For the uninitiated Rogue is a river in Oregon – but also one of my favourite Oregon breweries!


209 beautiful coastal miles!


We had a look around Astoria – and more Sea Lions – which we had heard on our walk to the brewery the previous evening but could quite work out where they were.  It appears they have their own dock.  A local was telling us they are quite thinner than they have been – and are caught and branded for later identification up river.  If they are found eating salmon then they can be killed.  Why do we have a right to the salmon and the sea lions don’t?



For a higher view South we headed up to the Astoria Column – although my poor head for heights kept me from getting to the top of the narrow spiral staircase – the view from the mound was nearly as good (I tell myself..)



Back in to Washington a short stop at Long Beach then passing through some towns we see on sign posts but never get near – Hoquiam and Aberdeen – which to be honest looked very run g=down and depressing (perhaps we caught them on a bad day…) and then a final stop at Olympia which we hadn’t visited for probably 10+ years.



Back home and our final day had been 221 miles in under 5 hours – with the final tally for the whole trip being over 54 hours of driving and a total of 2,317 miles.  Average of 37mpg not too bad – but the Ford Focus is a little bit thirstier than I had hoped.


These and more pictures from the trip (and other trips!) can be viewed at

Or-Ca Trip–Part 3 West to tall trees and the Pacific!

One last chance perhaps to see Mt Shasta, but it wasn’t to be.  We drove to Shasta Dam which was very impressive even if we couldn’t see the mountain.  Quite spooky looking down – but not much of a flow.


The early morning mist rolling back up from the cold waters below and over the dam added to the eerie feeling.


Heading West we took a very long and winding road – 299 then on to Highway 3 and 36 – to meet Highway 101 just North of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park – and the Avenue of the Giants!



Tricky to appreciate the scale but this fallen tree behind Diane in Founders Grove is the Dyerville Giant – and once stood 362ft tall.  Diane is nearer the top – but down by the roots the diameter is nearly 17ft.


Away from the Avenue of the Giants we headed over through the Rockefeller forest – which had the advantage of less traffic – and the trees were just as tall.  More windy roads and we saw the Pacific – missing the best photo opportunity on that stretch – but we’d have plenty more opportunities the following day.  The night was spent in a rainy Eureka at the Carter House Inn.  This was our most expensive hotel of the week – was very nice but they had no room in the restaurant.  The Lost Coast Brewery and Café more than made up for that (and probably saved us some money) where we had another flight of beers to share.


284 miles and nearly 8 hours driving – and the lower MPG value showing how windy and hilly that 284 miles was.  The following morning the rain was still heavy as we headed North along the coast – a short drive around Trinidad – then on to the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center to plan out the stops along the way.


A break from tYachatshe rain, and the Jebediah Smith trail (no relation as far as I know…).  Be sure to look down as well as up – the trees are magnificent – but what lies beneath is just as beautiful.


Back into Oregon shortly after that – and majestic views from headlands – sand dunes, rocks, stacks…



161027_ORCA_2016_948Our overnight stop was in Yachats, with dinner at Yachats Brewing – very busy even on a weekday evening!  The Fireside Motel was probably the best hotel of the trip for location, comfort and price.  Breakfast wasn’t great – but with a bakery just down the road that didn’t matter too much.

wp_20161027_011A long day’s driving up the coast and getting dark by the time we reached Yachats – so the following morning we backtracked to see some of the views that we missed – in part 4!