Office 365 Message Center to Planner: PowerShell walk-through–Part 2

The code I am walking through here is that which drives the sample I blogged about in the posting In Part 1 I walked through the PowerShell that was reading the messages, filtering out the ones I was interested in by product and then adding the required metadata to get them to the right […]

Microsoft Planner: A Change Management Solution for Office 365

MessageCenterToPlannerCodeSamplesV2 *** Update 1/29/2019 – I’ve been looking at the newer Identity dlls, and managed to get Message Center working but couldn’t get to Planner (yet) – so if you are using this code best to stick with and not the v3 or v4.  I’ll update if I get v4 working *** TL;DR version – […]

Project Online: Setting Permissions in sites beyond PWA

Thanks goes to Paul Mather for most of the technical content of this particular post – as I’m taking a couple of his ideas and bringing them together.  I’m using PowerShell to set permissions in project sites and using Flow and Azure Functions to automate running that PowerShell.  I’ve also included a video that walks […]