We started in New Hampshire as we were attending a Graduation Ceremony – and then the car our daughter had been using need to get back to Washington state – so that sounded like a great excuse for a long road trip!  The first day (after dropping the daughters off at Boston to fly home) was heading along the coast – into Maine and ending the day at Bar Harbor.  This was by far the wettest day of the trip – teaming rain all day – and no photo opportunities at the few brief stops we made!  The evening destination was the Saltair Inn which with better weather may have been worth a longer stay – as it was an ideal place to walk the bar and see Acadia National Park.  As it was we got drenched walking to a good dinner spot Galyns’s, but worth the walk! 

The following morning the weather wasn’t quite so bad so did get a good look at the lower parts of Acadia National Park – but Cadillac Mountain was well into the mist.








Leaving Acadia we headed further North East – into Canada and New Brunswick.  Our destination for the evening was St Martin – and it appeared we were the first visitors of the season – and much was closed even at 5pm in the afternoon.  Snacking on our road provisions and breaking onto the handy wine-box kept us going – and we did manage to see the highlights of St Martin before it got dark.




The following day was to take us out of New Brunswick and to Nova Scotia (to be continued…)